1. mknmv presents TUMULTS, exclusively on spotify, for ‘14 april

    Rose Blood by Mazzy Star | Disco//very by Warpaint | All that She Wants by Yolanda Be Cool feat. SYF & Fritz Helder | Say Anything by Bagheera feat. Twin Shadow & D’Angelo Lacy | Everything is Embarrassing by Sky Ferreira | You’re Not Good Enough by Blood Orange | Pull Me Down by Mikky Ekko remix by The Internet | Destroyer by Panama | Closer Than This by St. Lucia | XO by Beyonce | The 1975 by The 1975 | Chocolate by The 1975 | Let Go by RAC, Kele, MNDR

  2. mknmv presents EQUINOX & IDES for the springing | ‘14 march

    Feel by G.L.A.M. | Wish You Would by Mykki Blanco feat. Princess Nokia | Yonce Gets Her Freak On Mashup by AudioSavage | Boom by Le1f | C & C by Leikeli47 | Headhunter by Rocky Rivera feat. Bambu | Mess by Anamanaguchi | Lost It To Trying by Son Lux 

  3. mknmv presents INNARDS for mercury retrogradients | ‘14 february

    In Search of the Miraculous by Mark McGuire (CFCF remix) | Mystery Cloud by STRFKR | Where Are You? by Chad VanGaalen | FUN by AUGUST+US | I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. 

  4. mknmv presents HONEYBUTTER for ‘14 february

    Cavalier by James Vincent McMorrow (The 1975 remix) | Hurt by Ed Thomas | Will You by Daniel Wilson (OSEB edit) | Lonely by P A T H | Ghost by RÁJ (Ghost Loft remix) | Blinking Lights by The Walton Hoax | Lay Me Down by Sam Smith | Lead Vocal Stem from Bowery by Local Natives | Love More Worry Less by Bipolar Sunshine | We OK by The Very Best feat. K’NAAN

  5. mknmv presents MIXIFESTING for ‘13 december - ‘14 january 

    Ghost Hands by Lord Echo | Nailbiter by Kera & the Lesbians | Hold Me Down by Mansionair feat. Revier | Sopa de Tartaruga by V.A. (Illiaz snippet mix) | Ways to Go by Grouplove (Xaphoon Jones finale remix) | Sabaku by Zazen Boys (The Bilinda Butchers edit) | Sleepwalking by The Chain Gang of 1974 | Hills and Trails by Misun | Elevate by St. Lucia | Is This How You Feel? by the Preatures | Drowning Butterflies by Bipolar Sunshine | Workin Woman Blues by Valerie Jones | Black Coast by NAVVI | Fall Over by Banks | rvtchet bitch feat. Teddy Tuxedo (Milo & Otis remix) | You Know You Like It by AlunaGeorge (DJ Snake remix) | Echelon (It’s My Way) by Angel Haze 

  6. sayrequevedo:

    An interview with Jimmy Arteaga, a malabarista in the streets of Riobamba, Ecuador. He touches on fear, money, and why he started juggling machetes. This is part one. I´m working on a more in-depth piece with him that should be done soon.


    My name is Jimmy Arteaga. I´m 20 years-old and I´m from the city of Quito, Ecuador and I learned at ten years-old, ten years ago. I learned with a friend on the street. I slept on the streets. I ran away from home and I was really hungry. And my friend said to me, “Take these balls and stop beneath the traffic lights and make enough for some food.” And I made enough. And from there, since I made enough to feed myself, I liked it. Whenever I needed something I could go out to the traffic lights and made enough to buy the things I wanted.

    I started with balls when I did this and I said, “I can already do this with two. I want to do it with three balls.” And I took three balls. Then I said, “Three balls is too little.” I wanted four and after I wanted five. Now I can do it with six.I have three machetes. That´s not good enough for me. I have to learn until I can do four or five. As people see more art, they give more.

    My family doesn’t like it but I don’t live for the words of others. I live for mine only. And I like it to do it and my family isn’t going to make me do something I do don’t want to do.

    Yes, right, it’s dangerous but also I make more money from this. But fear? No, I don´t have fear. I can have fear if I hurt myself. I´ve hurt myself a lot of times but after I don’t have fear. Why would I have fear?

    Here, I live alone. I have my girl and my son but they live in Quito with the father of my girl. I live here alone and rent apartments because I stay here but I still travel to them. Her family has money. They’re all cops and cops make a lot. Why do they need my help? I help because later I don’t want them to tell me I’m an irresponsible father.

    In reality, I do this for the money. I have my needs. I have to pay rent. I have to live. I live alone and so that I´m not home alone I leave and distract myself a little, come and talk to my friends out here.

    There are times when people are really stressed, really discouraged, all of them and they see here and see what we do and the kids, the kids are really happy and for me that’s effective. I also do this because I see the people, I get to see them happy. I like when they tell me that the kids are happy.

    For all the world, this is hard, learning is hard, while you are getting used to it and learning, and then it becomes easy. Have two hands and two feet. Have a complete body. Have a complete body and you can do this. And the mentality, because you have to take three machetes. With this, I learned numbers, to use math, to use numbers…

    I´m going to do this for another 5 years and then I have to look for more work because I can’t retire with this. I´m going to do 5 more years and then I´m going to look for a job, I don´t know what. I´m going to be productive. I´m not going to be an old man with a cane, hanging out with the malabaristas.

    We are free. All of my brothers are free. There are times that the police, not so much here but in other places, they say you can´t do this, this is bad. They take it really badly. But no, we also eat, sleep, and we also have to live. And to live you need money, because I can’t live without money. The message I want to give is let us…let us show you what we know.